DIY Winter Wreath

What better way to get into the holiday spirit than creating your own green wreath!

Wreaths symbolize unity and abundance in the home and evoke a sense of welcoming. It's easy to get creative with all the lush winter greens, berries and cones that are available this time of year. Fun to make, your wreath will last throughout the holidays and into the New Year.

What you'll need:

  • Wreath base

  • Wire

  • Floral snips/good scissors

  • Cedar

  • Silver Fir

  • Pine

  • Blue Berry Cedar

  • Berries

  • Silver brunia

*Not all materials listed are necessary, feel free to use different greens and decorative items!

Step One:
Choose a sturdy wreath base, as this will support the weight of all your greens. We like to use dogwood and double rail metal frames as the base.

Step Two:  Prepare your materials. Cut branches into smaller sections, keeping some more interesting pieces to use in 'wispy' sections of the wreath. You will begin your wreath by creating bundles of combination of greens. (Pictured below.) Using a variety of greens and sometimes berries, make sure to create variation in each bundle as this will make for a more interesting wreath.

Step Three: Place the first bundle onto the wreath base. Use a generous  amount of wire to attach the bundle of greens onto the base. Wrap the wire with one hand, while you use the other to hold the greens in place.

Step Four: Take the second bundle of greens and layer them on top of the first. Make sure that the second bundle of greens cover the wire of the previous bundle. Keep working this way, attaching all your bundles to the base, angling at 45 degrees outwards as you go to create a fan like effect.

Step Five: Tuck the end of the final bundle under the top of the very first bundle that you started with. Wire the last bundle into place. This can be a little tricky, you can add more greens in any gaps that may have occurred.

Add pine cones. We like to keep them going along the same direction as the general movement of the wreath. Snip any unwanted pieces, paying attention to the inside circle and that it is mainly clear of whispy pieces.

Voila! Now attach a ribbon or hang on a sturdy nail or hook. To keep your wreath looking fresh, hang outside in a cool place such as your front door. Enjoy!

Dominika DratwaComment