the Benefits of houseplants

Plants are more than just pretty to look at, they make fresh oxygen, help purify our air and increase our sense of well being.


Being near plants improves your sense of well being.

Biophilia is the idea that we as humans have a natural affinity for other life-forms. We have a deep need to connect with and be surrounded by nature.

Ever notice that anytime you've entered a park, forest or a greenhouse your mood immediately changes? You feel more relaxed and light-hearted, happy? 

Recently, many studies have found that when we spend time around plants we feel happier and more relaxed.

Having plants in your home or work environment has been shown to:

  • boost your mood
  • make you more creative
  • increase productivity in the work place
  • reduce stress
  • relax you
  • increase oxygen levels
  • remove harmful toxins from the air


Taking care of things feels good!

When you bring a plant home you will need to take care of it! Just like with a pet, we develop a relationship with our plants. Nurturing and watching something grow over time is a lovely thing and offers a sense of accomplishment and joy! When we water, prune and repot our plants its not only a ritual but an opportunity for a moment of peace and reflection. Give it a try!



    Plants as Airpurifiers

    On average people spend over 80% of their time indoors, and did you know that indoor air pollution is up to 5X worse than outdoor? Harmful chemicals, called VOCs (volatile organic compounds) are being emitted into our air from common household items such as furniture, carpet, paint, paper towels, napkins, cleaning products, and the list goes on!  Exposure to these compounds can make you ill and lead to a variety of health problems, including irritation of the eyes, nose, or throat, frequent headaches, nausea and dizziness. Over time, VOC exposure may increase your risk of cancer.

    Now for the good news, Scientists at NASA found that indoor plants absorb these harmful chemicals! In a study using 50 common houseplants NASA found that certain plants can absorb different compounds better than others. They released a list (view here) of all the plants and what compounds they were found to absorb.

    Here are a few of the top air purification plants we stock regularly in our shop:

    • Peace lily
    • Snake plant
    • Draceana
    • Pothos Golden
    • Ficus Rubber
    • Areca Palm
    • Spider plant

    Not only do the plants absorb VOC's but the soil does as well, so when setting up your air purifying plants make sure they are potted in un-glazed terracotta pots (for maximum air exchange) and with a layer of charcoal (for maximum absorption of harmful compounds).