Preparing your Houseplants for Spring

Spring is in the air and it's time to prepare your houseplants for their most active growing season. You may have already noticed some new leaves emerging from your plants. The longer days ahead mean more light and more growth. Here are a few things you can do to help optimize your plants' growth.




Pothos getting too long? Ficus not branching? Spring is a great time to give your plants a good pruning to stimulate new growth and encourage a more lush, full plant. When pruning, be sure to use a clean knife or scissors. Try propagating your plants. Species such as pothos, peperomia, and sansivieria are easy ones to start with and most will root in just plain water.


During active growth your plants may need a little nutrient boost, fertilizer them once a month or so until the fall season.
Use a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer such as Shultz 10-15-10 and dilute a few drops in water. We recommend diluting fertilizers at double the recommend amount on the package.

Clean your Plants!

Clean the leaves. It's important to do this regularly throughout the year, but especially now. You can use a damp cloth to wipe dust from the leaf, or give your plants a communal shower. Clean leaves mean your plant can photosynthesize (use the suns energy) more efficiently, absorb C02 gas while providing you with fresh oxygen.






Spring is a great time to re-pot your plants and give them some new space to develop their growing root system.  Roots do more than just supply your plant with water and nutrients, they also help to provide the structural foundation for your plant.

We recommend going a pot size up every few years or when your plant has become root-bound (look for: winding roots with little visible soil, roots growing out of the bottom and/or top of the pot).

Use a good quality soil such as Pro-Mix. Try to be gentle on the roots, not disturbing them too much. Re-potting can be stressful on plants, after you have re-potted your plant make sure to give it some water right away*. Let your plant de-stress, try not to move it for while.  Since re-potting provides new nutrient-rich soil, fertilizing may not be necessary.

*For succulents let them be for about a week before adding water.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy all the new growth on your plant babies!