Workshop Supply Form
To be filled out & submitted weekly.
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Kokedama Workshop
Sheet Moss
Houseplants Workshop
M. Adansonii
Philo Cordatum
Philo micans
Pilea Peperomioides
what else is on hand?
Moss Triangle
For glue guns
Spring Green
Dark Green
Winter Wreath Workshop
Count Between October. 15th- Dec 10th
Spools counted should be at least 1/3 full
Greens Needed For Next Workshop(s)
Submit Weekly starting November 15th (to Dec 9th) Only submit for 1 week of Workshops. Ex. Week of Nov. 25th Nov. 27th Workshop has 12 participants Nov. 30th has 14 participants. TOTAL 26 participants
Allow 1 Bundle per 3 participants.
Allow 1 Bundle per 3 participants.
1 bundel per 3 Participants
1 Bundle Per 3 Partcipants
Allow 1 Bundle per 4 participants
Allow 1 Bundle per 2 participants